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Tiffany Estep

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Undergraduate Degree: B.A. Psychology, Berea College, 2017

I am one of the lab managers for the Mind and Identity in Context Lab. As lab manager, I hope above all to promote a positive atmosphere where all members of the lab are encouraged to pursue their goals with passion; I believe it is this atmosphere that truly fosters productivity and success. 

Some of my primary responsibilities include hiring and training student research assistants, assisting graduate students and post-docs with research projects, managing lab finances, and organizing regular lab meetings. 

My research interests are rather vast and interdisciplinary, but overall center around stigmatization, stereotyping, biases, and prejudices. I have long had interests in mathematics learning, breaching into more Cognitive and Developmental Psychology, but my passions generally fall under the umbrella of Social Psychology. Primarily, my previous research has involved stereotype threat in relation to gender in the STEM fields, particularly in context of learning abstract mathematics. Moving forward, I would like to extend my studies into further examining this phenomenon in relation to socio-economic status and explore the effects of other stereotypes that are based on factors that are less readily "visible" to others. 

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