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Katie Kroeper

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Undergraduate Degree: B.A. Psychology, Rutgers University, 2012

Graduate Degree: Ph.D. Social Psychology, Indiana University, in progress

Graduate Student in the Mind and Identity in Context Lab: 2014 - present

The goal of my work is to identify and effectively address social inequalities between those traditionally privileged and those traditionally disadvantaged in society. In one line of work, I investigate how situational cues—like norms, values, beliefs, policies, and practices—lead people from stigmatized groups to experience social identity threat (i.e., worries about being devalued or dismissed in a setting because of their social group memberships). Beyond understanding the triggers of social identity threat, much of my research leverages these insights to design, implement, and evaluate psychological interventions aimed at changing identity-threatening environments into identity-safe places where people from all backgrounds can flourish (Kroeper & Murphy, 2017; Murphy, Kroeper, & Ozier, 2018). In my second line of work, I examine the efficacy of prejudice reduction strategies (e.g., Kroeper & Murphy, dissertation in prep) as well as the psychological and situational factors that allow people to remain bystanders to (Kroeper, Sanchez, & Himmelstein, 2014) or perpetrators of prejudice (e.g., Kroeper, Muenks, & Murphy, under review). 

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