Dr. Stephanie Reeves

Stephanie Reeves.jpg

Email: stepreev@iu.edu

Undergraduate Degree: B.A. Psychology, University of Colorado, 2010

Graduate Degrees: MA. Psychology, University of Texas, Austin, 2015. Ph.D. Social Psychology, The Ohio State University, 2019.

Postdoc in the Mind and Identity in Context Lab: 2019 - present

My research examines two main questions: how do features of situations shape outcomes for underrepresented or marginalized groups? How can an understanding of such processes be leveraged to improve outcomes for these groups? In one area of research, I have examined how subtle situational cues trigger social identity threat (i.e. the feeling that one might be devalued on the basis of their group) for members of underrepresented or marginalized groups. One specific project examines how an organization’s treatment of their history can cue social identity threat among members of historically marginalized groups. This work finds that organizations that emphasize their history undermine trust, belonging, and participation in the organization among African Americans. My second area of research seeks to leverage these insights to develop and test psychological interventions to mitigate social identity threat and reduce group-based disparities in organizations. I am particularly interested in interventions that seek to reduce social identity threat by targeting the beliefs and behaviors of majority group members. For instance, ongoing research has examined the benefits and pitfalls of empathy as a strategy to improve majority group members’ perceptions of underrepresented groups. I am also a member of the College Transition Collaborative http://collegetransitioncollaborative.org/, an organization devoted to developing and testing social-psychological interventions to reduce achievement gaps in higher education.