Dr. Nedim Yel

Email: NedimYel@gmail.com


Undergraduate Degree: B.S. Physics, Bogazici University, 2003


Graduate Degree: Ph.D. Educational Psychology, Arizona State University, 2016


Statistician in the Mind and Identity in Context Lab: 2017-present



My program of research focuses on quantitative methods as they apply to the social, psychological, behavioral, and educational sciences. I specifically focus on Hierarchal Linear models, Bayesian modeling, and Item Response Theory. My methodological works fall under scale development, dimensionality assessment, parameter estimation, and sample size requirements. I recently examined the effect of varying sample size at different levels, intraclass correlation, and model complexity on key parameters for longitudinal three level models. My methodological and statistical expertise in these areas facilitated interdisciplinary collaboration with researchers in fields such as engineering, psychology, education, and law.

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