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Welcome to the

Mind and Identity in Context Lab!

Dr. Mary Murphy joined the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Indiana University in August 2012. She directs the Mind and Identity in Context Lab at IU. Broadly speaking, our lab focuses on developing and testing theories about how people’s social identities and group memberships interact with the contexts they encounter to affect their thoughts, feelings, behaviors, physiology, and motivation.

If you are interested in becoming a research assistant       (P X397), please click here.

Some questions we are exploring:
  • How is identity threat signaled to people who belong to stigmatized or stereotyped social groups?

  • Which cues can be included in threatening environments to make them more comfortable for people who are stigmatized?

  • How do companies signal that their organization welcomes diversity, and how is that interpreted by newcomers?

  • Why do women leave Math, Science, and Engineering fields at a much greater rate than men?

  • Are there differences in how bias is detected by majority and minority group members?

  • Why are interracial interactions often uncomfortable for both majority and minority members? What can we do lessen that discomfort?

  • What are the effects of interracial friendships for majority and minority members?

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