Some questions we are exploring include:

  • How is identity threat signaled to people who belong to stigmatized or stereotyped social groups?
  • Which cues can be included in threatening environments to make them more comfortable for people who are stigmatized?
  • How do environments signal that their organization welcomes diversity, and how is that interpreted by newcomers?
  • Why do women leave Math, Science, and Engineering fields at a much greater rate than men?
  • Are there differences in how bias is detected by majority and minority group members?
  • Why are interracial interactions often uncomfortable for both majority and minority members? What can we do lessen that discomfort?
  • What are the effects of interracial friendships for majority and minority members?

News from the lab:

  • The Mind and Identity in Context Lab moves to Indiana University!
  • MICL Alumnus, Yara Mekawi begins her doctoral studies in Clinical/Community psychology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign!  Congrats, Yara!
  • MICL Alumnus, Laurel Wright begins her Masters of Public Health studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago!  Yay, Laurel!
  • Evelyn Carter earns her Masters from the University of Illinois at Chicago!  Way to go, Evelyn!
  • Dr. Murphy is recognized by the graduating Class of 2012 with the UIC Silver Circle Award for Exemplary Teaching!
  • Lab manager, Jennifer LaCosse, decides to pursue her doctoral studies with Dr. Ashby Plant at Florida State!  We will miss you, Jen!
  • Read more good news here